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Why is Kratom so Big in Southeast Asia?

Why is Kratom so Big in Southeast Asia?

Kratom Powder Sample – Green Maeng Da (30g)Kratom, a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, has been used in the East for hundreds of centuries. Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, if you want to get technical here, is an evergreen tree that grows naturally in areas in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and especially Indonesia. The tree is actually a member of the coffee family, and many people in Southeast Asian history have chewed, brewed, and crushed Kratom leaves to be used medicinally.

History of Kratom:

Kratom leaves have been used in traditional medicine to manage chronic pain and anxiety. We see this mostly with the indigenous Indonesians. For thousands of years, people all around the tiny farming and fishing villages of rural Indonesia have been using Kratom to help relieve muscle pain, bone pain, increase energy, heal wounds, and be used as a local anesthetic. Remember, we’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of years ago now, three was no Tylenol, no over the counter pain medicine, no cold brew coffee from Starbucks. These people may have had very little, but they did have an endless supply of the tropical Kratom leaves. While the plant’s popularity may have gained traction in rural Indonesia for its stimulating effects, it’s also been a major cash cow for local farmers who export Kratom.

Kratom is a Million-Dollar Industry:

Now that we’ve had a little history lesson let’s head back into the present. Indonesia is the leading producer and exporter of Kratom around the world. This is likely thanks to their ideal ‘kratom growing’ climate. Indonesia’s capacity to grow superior Kratom combined with the ongoing popularity of alternative medicine in the West has given Indonesia the monopoly of this million-dollar industry. How exactly did this tropical plant used by native Indonesians reach such global status? Kratom has a staple in Indonesia’s history, and by the looks of it, it’s going to have a stake in the country’s future.

The ‘mecca,’ if you will, of Kratom production, is undoubtedly in Kapuas Hulu, which is in the province of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The tropical tree is so famous that many local farmers have ditched growing other crops solely to focus on growing the trees. Another big item to come from the province was rubber, and yet rubber manufacturers abandoned the rubber industry to take a piece of the Kratom pie. Today, Kapas Hulu is synonymous with Kratom.

How is Kratom Sold Around the World?

Generally speaking, Kratom trees could grow in any place with a temperature of above 65℉. However, you won’t see these tropical trees in hot places like Nevada or Arizona. The trees grow better in a tropical climate, like Indonesia. For whatever reason, Indonesia sees the ideal combination of sunlight, rainfall, and other elements that are vital for Kratom trees to grow. The plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia, so places like Thailand and Malaysia have an abundance of this powerful tree.

When news broke around the world that Kratom may be a beneficial treatment for a number of ailments, the plant was being quickly packed and shipped around the world. It’s also important to note that Kratom is legal in Indonesia, it’s also legal in the USA if you were wondering. Countries will have their own laws regarding the consumption of Kratom. If you’re unclear on what the laws are where you live, it’s best to do a quick online search to learn more about any rules and regulations. In some countries, growing Kratom solely for export is legal, but local sales are prohibited. Things can get a little confusing when it comes to Kratom. Different policies, opinions, and feelings usually make for controversial legislation.

Buying Kratom Over the Internet:

Much like everything else imaginable, from a laptop, house plant, to a living, breathing animal, it’s safe to say almost everything can be bought online today. Kratom is no exception. There’s actually a considerable e-commerce marketplace solely geared toward Kratom. If you buy Kratom online, it will come in a capsule form or as a tea in most cases. The Kratom leaves will be crushed up and either shaped into a small pill, or you can use the dried leaves to make Kratom tea. Since the Indonesian government supports the export of Kratom, it’s pretty accessible to buy online.

Tip: If you do choose to buy Kratom online, always do research. Kratom should be 100% natural and imported from Southeast Asia. Remember, it doesn’t grow naturally anywhere else, so you want to be sure you’re getting the real stuff.

Here are a few surprising facts about Kratom:

  • There are actually 3 different types of strands (Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Green Vein Kratom).
  • Indonesia yields the best climate for kratom growth, and they also are known worldwide for providing the best strains.
  • Kratom was used during religious ceremonies in some Thai villages.
  • Indonesia ships 400 tons of Kratom overseas per year.
  • Imports generate US$13 million annually.
  • Indonesians have been farming and using Kratom as medicine for hundreds of years. Even before the introduction of modern technology!

The popularity of Kratom is on a steady incline in the West. Countries like the US, Canada, and a few European nations are seemingly ready to jump on the Kratom bandwagon. There are plenty of vendors who sell Kratom online and offline, but it may not be so readily available, depending on where you live. Kratom has gained its place in Indonesian history, and by the looks of it, it may have a stake in history in the West. While we don’t know what life was like for the indigenous Indonesians, we do know they used Kratom daily. The tradition continued to modern-day as well. Indonesians are well-known for using Kratom to help with common ailments like unbalanced blood sugar levels, pain, fatigue, and as a mood enhancer.

Imagine that! A tropical tree that was used over 1000 years ago is still just as popular today.