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Greg’s Botanical is your go-to source for premium kratom products without the premium price tag attached.

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Behind The Name

Founded by our namesake, Greg, Greg’s Botanical is a company that cares about what you put in your body.

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Quality and excellence drive us. We believe that premium products can be acquired without breaking the bank.

Farm Fresh

Authenticity and quality are important to customers like you. It is to us too. We’re dedicated to creating and providing fresh, premium, clean lab-tested products to ensure that you’re getting nothing less than the best.

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At Greg’s Botanical, we’re proud to say that we grow our own kratom domestically. Greg himself and his partner Matt have been directly involved in the process, taking the time to explore and establish farm plots around the globe.

Multiple Strain Varieties

Our red, green, and white strain products are made with kratom grown on our own domestic farm in Puerto Rico.

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Lab Tested

All of our kratom products are processed by our company and tested by 3rd party and in-house labs to ensure quality before they’re added to our inventory for purchase.

Diverse Product Choices

We currently offer a wide variety of products, including kratom powders, shots, and capsules, along with an assortment of healthy botanical products. We want you to have variety — it’s the spice of life!

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Our assortment of products are available for purchase in small quantities and wholesale to customers over 18. Shop kratom now with a no-questions-asked return policy AND a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee! Order your kratom today and find out why our customers are raving about our products!

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Questions about shipping and/or payment options? Check out our payments page.

For any and all questions or comments about Greg’s Botanicals kratom products, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time to our customer service team.