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Super Green (all time best seller)

Super Green (all time best seller)

(21 customer reviews)


Super Green Kratom

Greg’s Botanical is proud to offer our number one bestseller of all time, the Super Green Kratom. This particular powder is of exceptional quality, although it is not necessarily superior to green kratom. The “super” moniker refers to the harvesting process, which makes use of new, small, green shoots characterized by boosted alkaloid content. Its popularity, on the other hand, tells its own “super” story. Different strains serve different purposes, but our Super Green has been a fan favorite for years.

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Buying kratom powder online has never been easier. Here at Greg’s Botanical, we want to provide an unmatched experience. We understand that finding a reliable, trustworthy kratom supplier can be difficult—which is why we have a no-questions-asked return policy with a 30 day money back guarantee. We want our customers to find the kratom that best suits their needs, and our industry-leading customer service is available to answer all of your kratom-related questions. Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate you choosing Greg’s Botanical for all of your kratom needs.

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Ready to branch out from our Super Green Kratom? No matter what kind of kratom you’re looking for, Greg’s Botanical has what you need. With many options available in all three veins, you can find the specific kratom that suits your lifestyle. For those who live on-the-go, our capsules are quick and easy. Or maybe you want a more traditional experience, in which case we have a variety of kratom powders to choose from, no matter what vein or strain you prefer. All of our kratom is fresh and clean, having undergone in-house and 3rd party lab tests to ensure premium quality. We accept many different payment options, so you can choose whichever one works best for you. Buying kratom powder online is as easy as it gets with Greg’s Botanical.

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  1. Super Green is a very uplifting, balanced and energizing strain. My favorite of the green Kratoms.

  2. Extremely satisfied customer, my experience with Greg’s botanicals has been superb. Excellent service and very high quality products at a reasonable price. I consider this to be the only reliable place to shop for important herbs. I highly recommend the “super green” very fine product, extremely potent and tested! Big thanks to everyone over at Greg’s making this a excellent place to shop.

  3. My buddy ordered us some a while back and was awesome I will be ordering more soon the best

  4. I cannot express what relief the Super Green gives me. I appreciate that Greg lab tests all of his products so I can be assured of quality. The site is very responsive to questions and concerns as well as supportive to a community that relies on a non-addictive alternative to opioids.

  5. I really love this green. It is top notch quality. Definitely is the best that I have had in quite a while. It is a nice balance of energy and euphoria. I appreciate the quality and will continue to be a repeat customer. Thank you!

  6. These guys have the best product and best crew by far. I had tried from different suppliers at times when the site was down, amd was always disappointed. The Super Green is my daily strain and it doesnt get better than Greg’s. Keep up the good work guys. Im.a customer for life.

  7. I have been a customer for years. Super green is always a potent and effective choice.

  8. Super Green is a very nice daytime Kratom that drastically improves focus, energy, and a general sense of positivity that lasts a long time. The powder itself is a fluffy light green, with no gritty particles that sink to the bottom and the taste is fresh and overall pleasant. This is not your local headshop Kratom! This is pure, fresh and expertly curated Kratom. Lightning fast shipping and the customer service has been amazing here. I am very happy I gave this a try.

  9. Awesome product and Excellent Customer Service!

  10. I have been a customer of Gregs for 3 years. His super green is by far the BEST out there. I have nerve damage in my right leg and that pins and needles feeling goes away almost immediately for hours at a time. And it is a great energy boost in the morning as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And Greg is a great guy as well as being a good business man.

  11. I had to buy more. IT REALLY is that good! Super fast delivery too!

  12. Always great product and great service!

  13. I have tried a lot of different strains from various shops and I can honestly say that this Super Green at Greg’s is by far the best. Excellent quality and superb shipping time on any of the packages I order.

  14. Always fast shipping and the product is consistently superb. No gritty nasty Kratom.

  15. Greg is a great human being ! He has helped save my wife’s life and given me a much better quality of life ! He is in the Buisness more to help people than to suck money ! God bless him

  16. I’ve been buying super green for almost a year now… great prices, excellent quality, fast shipping… you can’t go wrong with their super green

  17. Greg’s is the most trusted Keaton supplier I’ve ever had the chance to buy from. The product is always top notch and customer service is the best I’ve experienced. I’ve turned my friends to this website and they feel the same way

  18. Yep, buying more. Its my go to when I need a boost to get up and go to work without any jitters.

  19. I’ve tried various sites and strains but once I found Greg’s, I looked/shopped nowhere else. Excellent Kratom!! His Super Green is what I rely on for nerve pain. I’ve only had to use customer service a time or two and it wasn’t painful or aggravating at all! Thank you, Greg!!

  20. Super Green is the absolute BEST kratom out there by far and Greg has THE BEST one out there, As smooth as it can be with an overall feeling that cant be beat. And the customer service is second to none,,,

  21. Amazing quality. I use it for a severe degenerate disk from concrete/ tree work and competing in mma instead of opiates. I think they put a lot of additional things in most kratom you find. This is great quality and thank you Greg for bringing it to us!

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