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O.P.M.S. Silver Thai, 15 Grams

O.P.M.S. Silver Thai, 15 Grams


Buy OPMS Kratom, 15 Gram Capsules, for Health and Well-Being!

OPMS Silver Thai kratom is composed of select leaves harvested from a rare variety of white vein kratom. This gives it a unique blend of active alkaloids. Silver kratom is particularly high in mitragynine, an alkaloid under study for a variety of possible therapeutic effects.

When you buy OPMS kratom, you’re getting a premium product. Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions uses special grinding techniques that optimize the beneficial components in each capsule. This unique process makes the powder used in OPMS capsules especially effective!


Natural, Organic Compounds

Premium Silver Thai kratom is an organic product harvested from a broadleaf evergreen tree—it’s filled with potent organic compounds.

Potency of organic products depends on growing conditions that can vary widely. Fortunately, OPMS uses blending and lab testing to make sure their products maintain consistent strength in every batch.

Our loyal customer base has discovered the health benefits of kratom. Silver Thai kratom may be the healthy addition to your lifestyle that you’ve been missing!

Questions? Can’t find a product or a strain you like? Contact us now! Greg’s Botanical is known for industry-leading customer service, and we can answer any question about kratom you may have!

Buy from Trusted Sources

Greg’s Botanical customers value the quality and dependability of our products, including our shots and powders. When you buy OPMS kratom from us you know you’re getting a premium product that will be processed and shipped quickly and securely.

Greg’s Botanical operates the only US kratom farm, and we’re proud to also carry a variety of dependable and effective OPMS products.

OPMS packaging facilities are registered with the FDA and operate under guidelines compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

Try OPMS Silver Thai kratom in capsule form for a consistent, portable experience whenever you need it!


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