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Green / White Jawi Blend

Green / White Jawi Blend

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Jawi Kratom Blend

Our Jawi Kratom Blend combines green and white vein kratom for a unique mixture that you won’t find anywhere else. Our blends are a great fit whether you’re looking for a balanced experience or a specific combination of characteristics. As with all of our kratom, this blend is of the highest quality–fresh, clean, and extracted from potent green and white vein kratom leaves for maximum effectiveness. Read more about our farm where we grow our own kratom!

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Any Color You Like

We manage our kratom from harvest to delivery to ensure that you’re getting the highest-quality kratom available. All of our botanicals undergo in-house and third party lab tests to ensure that they’re clean, fresh, and safe for our customers. Our jawi kratom is just one blended option we offer. Our triple blend, for example, combines kratom strains from all three veins to create a uniquely balanced powder. Here at Greg’s Botanical, we’re always updating our inventory and keeping up with the latest kratom trends, so be sure to check out our various liquid kratom extracts as well as our convenient kratom capsules.

Kratom You Can Trust

It can be difficult to find a reliable kratom store you can trust. Here at Greg’s Botanical, we pride ourselves on our industry leading customer service. With a no questions asked return policy and a 30 day money back guarantee, we truly value our customer relationships—we want to help customers find the kratom blend that’s right for them. For all of our kratom questions or concerns, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


  1. This is a really great blend. I noticed immediately that it’s quite euphoric and a very even blend.

  2. Gave it a try for the price and ordering again! Nice energy boost without an edge and kinda dreamy to boot… Good Stuff 😊

  3. This one has a nice energy/mood boost. I normally don’t like whites but this is great without the jitters!

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