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Is Kratom Legal? Kratom Legality By State

One of the most common questions that we receive from people interested in trying kratom for themselves is: is kratom legal? While kratom is derived from a tree native to Southeast Asia, kratom legality varies by state, with some states or counties banning the purchase and use of kratom outright. If you’re interested in trying kratom for yourself but want to make sure that you’re legally able to obtain it in your state, Greg’s Botanical is here to help with brief looks at the legality of kratom by state.

Is Kratom Legal? A State-by-State Overview


Kratom is completely illegal in Alabama, as it is considered a Schedule I substance there as of 2016. 


Alaska is kratom-friendly; kratom is legal everywhere in the state. 


Kratom is legal in the state of Arizona. 


Kratom is illegal in the state of Arkansas, as it is considered a Schedule I substance there as of 2016.


When asking if kratom is legal, you’re going to find that the answer isn’t always so simple. California is the first excellent example of this. While kratom is generally legal for most residents of the state, those living in San Diego and Oceanside are not able to possess or use kratom. 


Colorado is another tricky state in regards to kratom legality. Kratom is legal in most of the state, with the exception of the towns of Monument and Parker. There is an additional law in Denver that states kratom products sold cannot be labeled for human consumption. 


Kratom is legal in Connecticut. 


Kratom is legal in Delaware. 


Whereas other states only have bans in certain cities or towns, Florida has banned kratom outright for any resident of Sarasota County. If you live elsewhere in Florida, you can purchase kratom. 


Kratom is legal in Georgia, and is regulated by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. 


Kratom is legal in Hawaii, but pending legislation may change that in the future. 


Kratom is legal in Idaho.


Kratom is legal in most of Illinois. It is a banned substance in the cities of Jerseyville, Alton, and Edwardsville.


Is kratom legal in Indiana? Whereas some bans have been more recent, kratom has been a banned substance since 2014. 


Kratom is legal in Iowa.


Kratom is legal in Kansas. 


Kratom is legal in Kentucky. 


Kratom is legal in Louisiana. 


Kratom is legal in Maine. 


Kratom is legal in Maryland. 


Kratom is legal in Massachusetts. 


Kratom is legal in Michigan. 


Kratom is legal in Minnesota. 


Kratom legality in Mississippi is a mixed bag, because kratom is illegal in several places throughout the state. Is kratom legal throughout the rest of Mississippi? For the time being, yes. However, this is subject to change as more towns, counties, and the state legislature consider bans on kratom. 


Kratom is legal in Missouri.


Kratom is legal in Montana. 


Kratom is legal in Nebraska. 


Kratom is legal in Nevada. 

New Hampshire

Kratom is legal for everyone over 18 outside of Franklin City. 

New Jersey

Kratom is legal in New Jersey. 

New Mexico

Kratom is legal in New Mexico. 

New York

Kratom is legal in New York.

North Carolina

Kratom is legal in North Carolina. 

North Dakota

Kratom is legal in North Dakota. 


Kratom is legal in Ohio. 


Kratom is legal in Oklahoma. 


Kratom is legal in Oregon. 


Kratom is legal in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island

Kratom is illegal in the state of Rhode Island. 

South Carolina

Kratom is legal in South Carolina. 

South Dakota

Is kratom legal in South Dakota? Kratom legality in this state is a bit trickier than in some of the other states. While most states have laws in place that allow for kratom sales over the age of 18, kratom is one of the few states on this list that makes kratom illegal to possess for anyone under the age of 21. 


Kratom is legal in Tennessee, but may only be sold in its natural form (no powders).


Kratom is legal in Texas.


Kratom is legal in Utah for all persons over the age of 21. 


Kratom is illegal in Vermont. 


Kratom is legal in Virginia. 


Kratom is legal in Washington. 

West Virginia

Kratom is legal in West Virginia. 


Kratom is illegal in the state of Wisconsin.


Kratom is legal in Wyoming. 

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Is kratom legal? For the most part, yes. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some states have banned the substance outright, while others only ban kratom in some counties or enforce additional rules that residents need to observe in order to use kratom for themselves. 

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If you’re ready to try kratom and you live in a state or area where it’s legal, shop kratom here at Greg’s Botanical. Interested in diving deeper into kratom laws and regulations as you explore kratom legality in your state? Learn more in our blog!