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Greg’s Kratom Farm

Welcome to Greg’s Kratom Farm and the adventures of the one and only “El Gringo Greg”.


Greg’s Botanical is proud of the products that we carry and feels the only way to make them better is to grow them ourselves.

A few years ago, Greg and his partner Matt began establishing farm plots in different microclimates across the globe.

To say there has been some adventures is an understatement.


Here we have Greg, not in his natural habitat, planting one of many Kratom trees in an early research and development plot.

Unfortunately, the soil and surrounding vegetation proved to destructive to the plants in this location.

You may have noticed the Jeep prominently displayed with Greg above.  During the rainy season, we are only able to access a few of the growing locations with a jeep.  The Jeep is sporting thirty five (35) inch Super Swampers and a winch.   The winch has come in handy on numerous occasions.

As the new acreage starts to mature, we will post additional pictures and videos of the progress.

We are excited about the products we are bringing to market and our new branding. Follow along with us as we start unravelling this adventure for you guys.