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Choice Botanicals 12ml Kratom Extract Shot

Choice Botanicals 12ml Kratom Extract Shot

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Premium Quality Choice Botanicals Kratom

Pure and natural, these liquid shots contain all-natural kratom extract straight from Indonesian Maeng Da trees.

This potent Maeng Da extract contains a unique blend of terpenes and active alkaloids. Some of these compounds may support your well-being and even lift your mood! Millions of kratom users report a wide range of health benefits. See for yourself with Choice Botanicals Maeng Da kratom shots!

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Thai Maeng Da Kratom

Greg’s Botanical is proud to include Choice Botanicals offerings in our product line.

Kratom is rich in alkaloids. Thai kratom is noted for high concentrations of mitragynine. This alkaloid and other compounds in kratom can be found in plants used in traditional medicine. Choice Maeng Da kratom is sourced from the same plants used by many cultures.

Choice Botanicals kratom shots are just one of the premium products we’re proud to offer, but if you’re interested in trying kratom for the first time the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our industry experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Contact us now!

Only Domestic Kratom Farm

Greg’s Botanical is located in sunny Puerto Rico—it’s the only domestic kratom farm in the US.

We test our kratom in-house and in 3rd party labs to help maintain purity and potency. Our products are all-natural and free of heavy metals and field  contamination.

Buy retail or wholesale kratom straight from our farm! Greg’s Botanical offers several ways to pay for your purchase, including cryptocurrency. We provide tracking on all orders, and free shipping on orders $150 and above!

Explore your options! Try Green/White Jawi blend, or our top-quality Bali Red powder today and find out why our customers keep coming back for more!


  1. I’ve been using kratom on and off for a few years for seasonal well being. I was skeptical about these, but since there was a sale I figured I would give it a go. It was actually really good, i think it’s great to have on hand for those real BAD DAYS.

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