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Kratom’s Postive Effects on PTSD & Anxiety

Kratom’s Postive Effects on PTSD & Anxiety

Anyone who has began to research and try kratom knows that there are many benefits across a range of mental and physical ailments. The main types of relief that most people and research can agree upon are pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and ailments that are related to these conditions. Kratom has many alkaloids that help balance all these surprising benefits. Let’s explore a few of the alkaloids and how they help us live with PTSD & anxiety.
Anxiety and PTSD are both very much related in what alkaloids do to help these conditions. One of the first alkaloids that help these two conditions is Ajmalicine (Raubasine). This alkaloid works in many ways. First, it is a neurovascular dilator. It opens up the vessels in the brain and allows for increased blood supply. This alkaloid also works as an Alpha & Beta blocker. Alpha and Beta blockers work very well in stopping anxiety and are often used to treat PTSD. Alpha blockers are especially effective in helping people who have issues with aggression, impulsiveness, emotional outbursts, and have also been effective in treating insomnia and nightmare episodes. It is also a sedative, anti-convulsant, and a smooth muscle-relaxer. This is amazing that kratom helps this much while just describing ONE of many alkaloids. There is more!
Corynoxeine is another alkaloid that works as a calcium blocker. This helps with hypertension and lowers blood pressure. Then there is Mitraphylline which binds to the opioid receptors in a non-narcotic way. Even more important to Anxiety & PTSD is that this alkaloid works as a vasodilator. This means it widens the blood vessels and in particular large veins, large arteries, and smaller arterioles. This is beneficial because this activity lowers blood-pressure and increases oxygen intake. In other words, it works as a muscle relaxer amoung many other things.
Just these 3 alkaloids I have mentioned only scratch the surface of all the alkaloids that balance with eachother in varying amounts depending on the kratom strain. In making this article , I have run across incredible amounts of information. There is so much more to tell.
To shed a different light on this explanation, I will tell my experiences of kratom and how it helps with my anxiety. In general I feel a sense of well being that raises my mood and allows for a more positive outlook on life. I believe this sensation is important in not getting caught up in the nameless fears that anxiety & PTSD can stem from. I also feel a deep sense of relaxation across all the muscles of my body. This is extremely helpful in helping not only the mental side of anxiety but also the physical side of an anxiety attack. When I have an anxiety attack there is literally a “clench” in my muscles right before the attack occurs. Kratom often prevents this “clench” from occuring, thusly heading off an anxiety attack before it takes hold of my body. In this way Kratom helps in preventing the “triggers” that set off my bouts of anxiety and possible PTSD.
This article tells just one facet of many ways that kratom makes lives easier to live and even thrive again. I have personally seen many people (including myself) that have been able to crawl out of their beds and leave their homes. People disabled by social anxiety or pain have been able to get out in public and be productive members of society again. Parents are once again able to play with their children and attend their games to cheer them on. Many of the people who got their live back and started kratom businesses are examples of the life changing effects of kratom. It is my greatest hope that you too can experience these benefits. Best of wishes and best of luck !

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