Botanical Boost

Botanical Boost

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All natural turmeric, cayenne, dlpa and proprietary blend. Available in 30 and 60 Caps.

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  1. Why are there no reviews? It would be nice to read what people say. . About your product, thanks!

    • We hope to start giving bonuses for people who leave reviews on our products, stay tuned!

  2. I was skeptical at first because I’ve taken my own turmeric capsules with black pepper and didn’t notice any stronger effects, but Greg sent a sample of his with my order and wow, these really do make the kratom A LOT more stronger! I’m almost out and definitely need to purchase more. These are a MUST have!

  3. These really make my dose of kratom pack a punch! Awesome stuff!

  4. I couldn’t believe how much this boosts my expirience with Kratom!! It’s a must for me now to take these prior.. amazing results!

  5. I love these things. Work well. I buy them in bulk

  6. What a great Kratom potentiator! I’ve never found one with dlpa, which makes this a must have when boosting your Kratom. I also find this great by itself for pain relief.

  7. I ordered from Greg for three first time and he placed in my bag a botanical boost AND a n akuamma sample. except both “samples” were regular quantity. Meaning it was way more than a sample!
    Anyway, I used the boost and I learned very quickly that it indeed does work. I’m a veteran who’s been using kratom for beyond three years, and my normal serving is 3-4 TS… Needless to say, not only is the kratom very strong, the boost magnified it so!
    Be careful and follow directions. 2 tabs per 2GMs!!

  8. I received the booster as a works great and I’ll be purchasing some soon.I highly recommend it.

  9. Great if you don’t like the taste of turmeric, which I heard many people say doesn’t treat to good. Got some with an order, and it worked pretty well. Just take one or two Caps like a half hour before you take Kratom for a nice boost.

  10. I received a nice little surprise with my order. The Botanical Boost. I really like these and will be ordering a full amount with my next purchase. Thank you guys so much for that lil gift!

  11. Works great helped with energy and pain relief

  12. I’ve gotten some in sample packs with past purchases. They really do work great as a potentiator. I’m almost out and will be ordering more soon.

  13. These are my favorite little extras Greg used to throw in the package if you purchased a kilo when he first started selling them. They work great and tend to make the effects of his kratom last a little bit longer and stronger. It also helps me digest the kratom so I avoid constipation. I love the cayanne ingredient.

  14. Greg has the Best of “everything”! His inventory is top shelf quality & “Guarenteed”. If you aren’t satisfied he will ensure that you are.If you want the best,then buy from the best source-> Greg’s Botanicals are the Best!

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